Moving Overview

Moving can be stressful! Here at Local Muscle we do our best to provide peace of mind before, during, and after your move. Please call with any and all questions or concerns!

Moving day is coming up...what do I need to know?

We understand that everyone’s move is different, and we customize our approach to each move we book to best fit our customers’ requirements. Whether you only need us to move the heavy stuff in your studio apartment, or you want to us to pack, secure, and move everything in your 3 story house, we can help! There are often a number of factors that will contribute to the way we book a given move. Many of the most important elements are listed below. While the information below may help you to familiarize yourself with the way we do business, we’re always happy to discuss any questions you may have by phone, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions for us.

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For more tips on how to prepare for a senior move and everything inbetween, visit our friends at The've prepared helpful guides to help maintain independence and quality of life, especially through the stress around a transition such as moving.

We bill for transit between our base and the beginning or ending locations of jobs at a reduced rate. Since the factors involved are reasonably predictable, we calculate total charge for unladen transit to and from our base before the job takes place. We will always be able to inform you of what the total charge for transit will be before booking your job. This rate will never overlap with our labor and hauling rate.

We sell a variety of basic moving supplies. We use these for the majority of jobs for which we’re doing packing (although we don’t require that our customers buy packing supplies from us if they already have them on hand or would prefer to get them elsewhere). They are, of course, available for sale to any and all! In Portland, they’re available for sale at our warehouse, and we can often work with you to arrange for their delivery.

Supply Description Price
Twin Mattress Bag twin $10.00
Full Mattress Bag full $12.00
Queen Mattress Bag queen $14.00
King Mattress Bag king $16.00
Book Box 12" cube $3.00
Small Box 16" Cube $4.00
Medium Box 18" Cube $5.00
Large Box 18"x18"x24" $6.00
24" Wardrobe Box w/ Bar $18.00
Medium Picture Box 30"x5"x24" $8.00
Large Picture Box 48"x8"x24" $10.00
Tape Roll $3.00
Bubble Wrap (roll) 250'x12" $35.00
Packing Paper per lb $1.00
Padded Moving Blanket purchase cost per blanket $15.00
Padded Moving Blanket monthly rental per dozen blankets $22.00
Ramboard Floor Protection per 50' $40.00
Please note that a charge based on travel distance applies to all supplies deliveries.

Our goal is to be as flexible as possible about the types of job we take on, and our minimum labor charge for almost all jobs is only $250. Please be aware that unladen transit and other non-hourly charges do not count towards this minimum.

In order to get the best information we can about your move, we may wish to schedule an on-site estimate for your job. These are scheduled at our discretion, and there is no charge for this service. Since we do not charge for these estimates, we do not usually schedule estimates outside our local service area. The majority of jobs we do are based on our hourly rates, with the total bill being calculated at the end of the job. Although we’re confident that the estimates we give in person and over the phone are good indicators of the final cost of a job, these estimates are non-binding and may be more or less than the actual, final charge.

In order for us to stay efficient, it’s important that we park our trucks as near as reasonably possible to the sites where they will be loaded and unloaded. For move sites without designated loading zones in areas where parking spaces are in high demand, it may be necessary to reserve two adjacent spaces prior to the move in order to ensure that things go smoothly. We’re happy to make these reservations ourselves for a charge of $30 per space, but the cost can be lower if you’d prefer to make the reservations yourself with your city’s parking division. We’re open to other solutions as well, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what might work for you!

Several factors influence our charge for moving exceptionally heavy items. The primary factor, of course, is the size and weight of the item (typically anything weighing 200lbs or more will require an additional fee), but nearly as important is the route through which the item needs to be moved (stairs are a major factor when it comes to unusually heavy items). Once we have the info we need about the item, we’ll be happy to let you know up front how much the charge will be.

When a job is booked, we collect an advance payment for the job for our minimum labor charge, or for 10% of the estimated total cost, whichever is greater. For interstate moves, the required deposit is equal to 10% of the flat rate quoted. The deposit is applied towards the final cost of the move at the move’s completion. This deposit is non-refundable if a job is cancelled or rescheduled less than 7 calendar days prior to the job’s scheduled date. Although our goal is to be as accommodating as we can, a last-minute cancellation or rescheduling can be a major inconvenience for the team assigned to a job, and disrupts our ability to schedule a different potential job.

We strongly wish to be as accommodating as possible in all cases, but our movers reserve the right to refuse service if confronted with conditions which in their judgement pose a sanitary or health risk of any sort. Examples include but are not limited to any type of rot, excessive pet dander, mold or dust, suspicion of bed bugs, or any type of urine or feces. In any such case, our movers will inform you of the specific area(s) of concern, and may at their discretion offer a solution which ameliorates the risk(s) in question and enables the move to take place. In cases where conditions present sanitary concerns but are not directly hazardous, our movers may offer to complete the move for an additional charge to be determined on a case specific basis. You may always request to speak with Local Muscle Management before agreeing to or refusing these terms if you choose. If we are already in possession of your goods before these concerns arise, you may propose an alternate site for unloading these goods within 15 minutes’ drive of the original planned location. If this is not possible, and you do not agree to any other proposed remedies, our movers will immediately unload all goods as nearby as possible to the site of concern with all possible expedience, in accordance with their judgement. Charges for services performed prior to this point in the move will still apply.

Winter weather conditions can create hazards which are unique to the season. While it’s never a decision we make lightly, we reserve the right to reschedule any move to the soonest viable date when conditions are too dangerous for us to perform a move safely. We understand that this can present a hardship in many cases, and will do our best to work with you to find the next best available option. Our top priorities are the safety of our crew and our responsibility to the cargo entrusted to us, and when conditions potentially place either of these at risk, we must choose the safest option.
We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.

We’re happy to help out in whatever way is necessary in order to get your things moved to their new location, but experience has shown us that moves go much more quickly when areas are clean and uncluttered. It sounds a little obvious, but we suggest making sure that tables and dresser tops are cleared of knickknacks and other small items, and that pathways are clear before your move. When loose items are boxed up, it can save trips to and from the truck, and the time savings can add up surprisingly quickly! If you have the chance to stage boxes and other items to locations near entryways, that’s another way to set things up for a speedy and successful move. We always bring standard tools to the job for dis- and reassembly of bed frames and similar items, but if you handle some of those steps yourself, that’s one more thing that can have a significant impact on the time the job takes. Following these tips can really cut down on the time it takes to get the job done, which saves you money! We hope this information will give you a sense of what we can do to help with your move, and help you to avoid surprises when you’re figuring out how much you might expect it to cost. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have by phone or via email!