Storage Solutions

Working alongside our close partner, MI-BOX of Maine, we’re able to offer complete moving plans that include not only labor and handling, but storage as well!

What can Local Muscle do for you?

Storage is often a major part of a move. Whether you need a short term fix or a long term solution we have you covered! Working with MI-BOX of Maine, we’re able to offer large range of competitively-priced storage solutions that are tailored to your moving situation. This includes on-site storage on your property OR secure indoor or outdoor storage away from your property, and the labor to assist you at any stage or every stage of the process! While discussing your prospective move by phone or email, please feel free to ask our booking agents any questions you may have about storage. The storage experts at MI-BOX of Maine would be happy to hear from you directly, too!

Please note: Mi-Box storage solutions are only available to our Maine customers at this time. Mi-Box Vermont is slated to become available this spring!
: (207)805-8840

A Mi-Box representative would be happy to receive your call. Please ask about any discounts we can offer!

Whether you're moving, renovating, staging or selling a home, downsizing, or just looking for some extra space to hold your things, MI-BOX is for you.